Do I need a QR code reader?

To scan with your device product code, you need installed a QR code reader.
If you do not have any QR code reader, you can get for free from the following link: http://www.myidqr.com/scan
To scan our products all readers are valid.
Keep in mind that Internet browsing from a mobile device may involve expenditures additional. Why we recommend that you consult with your company or you use a network connection wifi.

Do I need an email account?

If you need an email account to register the MYidQR product because you need to receive an email to confirm product activation. If you do not own email account we recommend creating one, since in internet you can create an easy and free of charge.

I have not received any confirmation mail?

Should you not receive any confirmation email inbox check your junk or SPAM. Once satisfied that did not receive the mail, repeat the steps to activate the product. If you still do not receive the confirmation message, contact info@angel-europa.com

How to add or modify my data?

With the account is activated, go to your "login", enter your email and password to access your record and enter data as deemed necessary. Repeating this process can modify the data as often as it sees fit.

Will my data is secure?

Under the Data Protection Act, the data is stored on servers owned by the company's development and maintenance Angel Europa SL Spanish data centers, to "ensure the highest level of safety and ethical code" and are part of Prodat, specializing in services in the field of the Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data (LOPD) organization.
Being highest level of data protection, access log information is stored, additional backup copies are created and communications are encrypted in the private area. A leader in the national external consultant is responsible for auditing databases.

How I can activate the MYidQR product?

Scan the code with your device, enter an email address and password that comes with the product MYidQR.
Accept the privacy of data.
Our server will send a confirmation email, click the link you received to activate your account.